Making a Claim

To make a claim on one of RCI’s insurance policies, simply follow the 3 steps below.


Fill in and submit the Claims form or contact your dedicated claims handling team for your contract and country.

If you want to make a claim, make sure you contact RCI Insurance as soon as possible to ensure it can be processed efficiently. Filling in the form will help speed up the process.

The claims handling teams are available in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. When contacting your claims handler, kindly provide the following information:

  1. The full name of the person who requires the claim. If you are not the insured, kindly provide your name and relationship to the insured.
  2. The cause of the claim.
  3. The insurance contract number, if possible.
  4. The contract terms and conditions provided at the point of sale.

A list of the contact information for each country can be found below:


For Contracts Commenced on/before 31/12/2013

FidesSecur Versicherungs- und Wirtschaftsdienst Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Carl-Wery-Straße 18, 81 739, Muenchen.

+49 89 2199 52787

For Contracts Commenced on/after 01/01/2014

RCI Versicherung-Services GmbH, Jagenbergstrasse 1, D-41468, Neuss.

+49 69 7126 5103


For Contracts Commenced on/before 31/12/2014

Willis Towers Watson company, S.A. C/ Martínez Villergas 52, edificio A, 3ª planta, 28027 | Madrid

+34 91 823 58 98

For Contracts Commenced on/after 01/01/2015

RCI Banque España Avenida de Europa, 1 – Edificio A – 28018 Alcobendas España

+34 91 769 98 98


WillCONSULTING S.r.l, Via Padova, 55, 10152 Torino

+39 011 2443 2


DIAC Customer Relations Department: 14, Avenue du Pavé-Neuf, 93168, Noisy-le-Grand, Cedex.

+33 1 49 32 32 72


Information about supporting documentation will be provided.

Depending on the nature of the claim, you may need to provide further documentation to process the claim.

Most of the time, supporting documentation is needed to successfully make your claim. Once you have submitted your claim online or have contacted our claims handling department of your country above, you will be informed of what documentation you still need to provide.

This all depends on the type of benefit you’re claiming for and the circumstances of the claim. RCI’s dedicated team will be there to guide you through every step and answer any questions you may have about this.


Paying your claim.

Once the claim has been agreed upon, the payment will be transferred to you within 5 working days from the date of acceptance.

By following these 3 simple steps, you can successfully make a claim with RCI Insurance.